Friday, May 20, 2011

Tips #5 : Blazer

salam and hello fashionistas :)

its been a while since i shared some fahion tips here aite?
so im back for giving you more tips to be fashionable yet modest.
dont you think a blazer can makes you look cute and elegance instead of formal?

 dont you in love with the colour? will look more cute with those blazer.
blazer its not a boring thing ya'all.

Juliana Zainal wore baby blue and pink vintage blazer.
its just cutee!

instead of wear a blazer with pants,you can also wear it with your maxi skirts or dress

and andd i've got a cute blazer for myself from preloved blogshop.
preloved?i dont care at all.

if possible.emel me your picture wearing blazer whenever you have one.


1 comment:

  1. taw x nk crik blazer yg berwarna g2?.. yg murah but still look nice.. its hard to find..